We were on the ground at this year's Nebraska Ag Expo in Lincoln, Neb. These are our top takeaways from the show’s Innovation Hub.

1. High-Pressure Water Jets Cut Residue

Susterre CEO Michael Cully gave us a rundown at this year’s Nebraska Ag Expo on the company’s use of ultra-high pressure water jets to cut through residue in no-till farming. 

Contributing Editor Dan Crummett interviewed Cully last year on the No-Till Farmer podcast, listen here

2. Drone Tech is ‘Taking Off’

The last year has seen interest in ag spray drones growing across the U.S., with several large dealerships taking them on. Drone distributor Pegasus Robotics was at the show displaying units from XAG — one of the “Big 3” drone players in the North American market — including the XAG P100 Pro drone. For dealers wanting to learn about this growing segment, check out the upcoming January issue of Farm Equipment magazine.

3. Sometimes the Crops Just Need a Little Foam

The folks at FMC Cor. were also on-site with their 3RIVE 3D at-plant application system, which delivers a foamy mixture of inputs very akin to shaving cream. 


Source: Ben Thorpe

4. Tire Inflation Tech

Based out of Ontario, Agribrink was displaying its tire inflation system in the Innovation Hub this year, which is designed to save on fuel and compaction.

5. Measuring the Rain Via Drum?

One of the strangest looking items had to be the Arable Mark 3, an advanced crop sensor which features a 5 megapixel camera, thermal sensor, solar panel and anemometer for measuring wind speed. One rep at the booth told us the unit can sense rainfall through its top, which acts as a "drum" when rain hits it.

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