TAMPA, Florida. (Jan. 30, 2024) — HELM has expanded its Plant Advantage portfolio with the introduction of two products designed to reshape the soil and unlock the full potential of plant growth. With the addition of Contour and UpLink, these technologies can help unlock that potential in the plant creating additional yield through nutrient utilization.

Contour, a soil improvement product, enhances soil quality and plant performance across various parameters. Leveraging proprietary bacterial metabolites, Contour promotes nutrient availability, drives root growth, aids in residue management, enhances microbial activity and optimizes overall soil functionality. It is compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, starter fertilizers and other agricultural products.

"By leveraging proprietary metabolites, Contour ensures a healthy soil environment throughout the growing season, contributing to the success of crops from seed to harvest," said Tim Eyrich, Plant Advantage Product Development Leader at HELM.

UpLink, another addition to HELM's Plant Advantage portfolio, combines potassium, molybdenum and two biostimulants to assimilate nitrates and other usable forms of nitrogen, creating essential amino acids. The company says this formulation increases plant protein production, leading to faster and more abundant growth. Efficient nitrogen assimilation not only makes nitrogen more profitable for farmers, but also prompts the plant to acquire more carbon dioxide, thereby improving the photosynthetic process and opening pathways for sustained nitrogen acquisition.

"With UpLink, we're addressing a critical aspect of plant nutrition, making nitrogen more accessible and profitable for farmers. By unlocking efficient nitrogen assimilation, UpLink empowers plants to thrive, ultimately contributing to increased crop productivity and overall farm success," commented Eyrich.

Both Contour and UpLink are part of HELM’s Plant Advantage portfolio, which offers a range of biological products. These products help activate genes within plants, optimize critical pathways and support the vitality of the surrounding soil microbiome to help each plant reach its genetic potential.

For more information about Contour and UpLink, visit HELMcrop.com or contact your local HELM Agro regional sales manager.  

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