New products from Great Plains Manufacturing include the YP-2425A planter and the BD7410 box drill.

The YP-2425A is a 60-foot planter with the ability to plant on 20-, 30-, 15- or twin row 30-inch spacings. It features a floating-hitch design and easily folds to a width of 15 feet 3 inches for transport. The telescoping tongue retracts in field position for shot headlands and tighter turning on end rows.

It is also equipped with two 82-bushel poly hoppers. With a 164-bushel capacity, the YP-2425A can plant up to 160 acres of soybeans or 250 acres of corn in one fill. It uses air to move seed from the bulk hopper into the individual meters mounted on 25 series openers.

The 25 series row unit utilizes ductile cast iron parallel arms for long-term stability. The 15-inch, 4 millimeter blades turn on 205 triple-lip sealed bearings to ensure accurate seed depth. Blades are offset ½-inch to slice residue and form the most effective seed trench. Press wheel options include cast, wedge, 1- by 12-inch double-V or spider wheels with drag chains.

Attachments can include fertilizer carts, coulters and row cleaners.

GP box drill

The BD7410 narrow transport 13-foot box drill folds to under 10-feet for maneuverability through gates and down roadways and is available in 6-, 7.5- and 10-inch row spacing. Equipped with 00 Series openers, the 4-millimeter blades are mounted on triple-lip sealed bearings that are offset ¼-inch for ease in tough conditions. A rear depth-controlling gauge wheel uses a T-handle adjuster with 18 depth settings.

Press wheel options include a 3- by 13-inch double and center rip, 2- by 13-inch smooth, 3- by 14-inch peak or a 1- by 12-inch double-V.

The optional split-box configuration can accommodate 2 products at once by moving the partition in the main seed box, where ratios of seed-to-seed or seed-to-fertilizer can be adjusted. Total box capacity is 50.5 bushels and can support an option small seeds box with a 6.3 bushel capacity.

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