On this episode of Conservation Ag Update, brought to you by Martin-Till, precision specialist Chad Baker, co-owner of Baker Precision Planter Works in Orangeville, Ill., helps a first-generation no-tiller with planter setup, and later encounters a couple problems with a strip-tiller’s new 24-row planter. Plus, veteran agronomist Brad Forkner checks in with a couple tips for farmers to keep in mind before they take the field.

In the Cover Crop Connection, a cover cropper expresses safety concerns with a FAA regulatory exemption that will allow a single person to operate a swarm of heavy-lift drones.

Plus, 2024 Strip-Till Innovator Chris Perkins shares his formula for a 300-bushel corn yield and breaks down the true value of residue. Finally, in the Video of the Week, Conservation Technology Information Center executive director Ryan Heiniger shows why, “We have a major soil erosion criss in this country that is absolutely destroying the future generation’s ability to grow food, fuel and fiber.”

This episode of Conservation Ag Update is brought to you by Martin-Till.  

Our customers believe that Martin-Till®️ products provide an excellent return on their investment. We know this because a large percentage of them are repeat customers since the beginning in 1991. Our planter attachments help make it possible to plant into higher levels of residue and moisture. Higher levels of mulch means less erosion, improved soil tilth and fertility, which can reduce production costs.

 Martin-Till’s goal is to increase yields and save you time and money. We hope you find something from our product offerings of row cleaner, UMO’s, closing wheels systems and recently added concaves that will make this year’s planting & harvesting go better for you. After all, you deserve the best!


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