Kuhn Krause, Environmental Tillage Systems and Yetter representatives gathered for a Strip-Till Farmer digital demonstration hosted by Agrisolutions to showcase Ingersoll and Bellota strip-till attachments.

“You don’t think about tires on your car until there’s a problem. That’s what we think about our product. You don’t think about it until you need it,” says Steve Kertesz, North American product manager of planting and tillage for the Ingersoll Tillage Group, an Agrisolutions brand. “We have a global presence with manufacturing facilities in multiple continents. If it’s touching the ground, we’re making it or sourcing it somewhere.”

Kertesz highlighted some of the latest innovations from his company during the digital demonstration, including the Residuerazor (see picture below), which he describes as, “the sharpest edge you can purchase anywhere.” It’s designed to cut through heavy residue.


Kertesz also detailed the various coulter designs for strip-till including the scallop disc as seen below. 






Scott Essmiller of Kuhn Krause, Dave Sender of Environmental Tillage Systems and Andy Thompson of Yetter, each showcased how their company is using Ingersoll and Bellota products to enhance strip-till equipment. 

Click here to watch the digital demonstration and learn more about the latest strip-till innovations from Kuhn Krause, Environmental Tillage Systems and Yetter.