Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web:

Strip-Tilled Corn Emerges After 4 Inches of Rain

Check out this picture from Huntsville, Ill., strip-tiller Wade Yingling. His corn is “soaking up warm days” after nearly 4 inches of rain last week. Yingling says he runs a Case IH 950 and baskets with NH3 in the fall. He follows that up with Yetter CC (cab control) strip freshener units on a John Deere 1770 NT bar with 2-x-2. His planter is “just an older Kinze 3600 with all the precision goodies.” Yetter AOR manager Andy Thompson commented on Wade’s post with the following: “A great example of understanding strip-till and making it manageable to transition into. Too often, we are told that strip-till has to use specific tools and that we have to do everything at once. A lot of risk when putting all of your eggs in one basket. Make it manageable.”

Planter Setup Tips for Planting Green

55% of strip-tillers who used cover crops in 2023 planted green into those cover crops according to the 2023 Strip-Till Farmer Benchmark Study. If you’re thinking about planting green this spring, Tony Peirick (Dodge County, Wis.) has some tips to make sure your planter is ready.

Strip-Tiller Showcases Unique Setup for Twin-Row Planting

2023 Strip-Till Innovator Ryan Shaw provides an in-depth look at his Environmental Tillage Systems SoilWarrior and explains how he’s modified the row unit setup for twin-row planting. Shaw also uses one of the tanks to plant cover crops.

Strip-Tilling into a 4-Foot-Tall Cover Crop

The aforementioned Andy Thompson posted this in the Strip-Till Community Forum on Facebook. Thompson strip-tilled into turnips that were over 4-feet tall! In the comments section, Zachary says, “Very impressive strips. Should put a roller crimper in between the rows to smash the turnips down.” Andy agrees with the comment, and says it was an impromptu demo. “If we were better prepared, we would have a Yetter Cover Crop Devastator and would have rolled the entire field.”

strip-tilled into turnips

Strip-Tiller’s Top Concern for 2024: Tar Spot

In this FarmProgress article, Geneva, Neb., strip-tiller Ben Heath explains why he’s worried about tar spot moving into his area, and the measures he’s taking to fight it.

Corn row height

Photo by: Curt Arens

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