Kverneland acknowledge the increased interest in strip-till and launches new Kultistrip.

Kverneland Group has launched the new Kverneland Kultistrip, a compact strip-till cultivator, which will be available in plain and slurry injector forms, with 45 cm strip-spacing for oil seed rape, sugar beets and corn.

The machine can loosen the soil down to depth of 35 cm and the row spacing on the machine can be adjusted from 45 to 75 cm without the use of special tools. If the tractor is equipped with a front tank, it is also an opportunity to apply fertilizer — either mineral or organic — along with the seed. The frame is designed as short as possible so that the tractor should spend less effort to lift it. The machine can operate at speeds up to 10-12 km / h.

The machine also features rubber wheels on either side of the front disc, to provide depth control. They are then cleared to one side by spring-loaded finger discs. A winged soil-loosening tine adjustable to 30 cm working depth creates fissures through any compaction. It has a built-in outlet for placing granular fertilizer from a front-mounted hopper. Large discs on either side of the tine prevent soil being thrown from the cultivated strip, which is consolidated by a choice of finishing tools — crumbler, V-press roller or Flexroller for lighter soils.

Development has focused on producing a machine that performs as little surface machining as possible, says Product Manager at Kverneland Group Denmark, Troels Hansen Pontoppidan.

Kverneland will formally launch the Kultistrip at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany in November and in 2014, the company will offer the machine with up to 6 lines and wide, foldable models will follow in the future.