With a goal of maximizing uptime and reducing compaction, Case IH launched its new line of Steiger Rowtrac tractors at a media event in Racine on Aug. 9.

The products are a spin on Case’s Quadtrac series and give strip-tillers a more versatile machine in the field, according to Mitch Kaiser, Steiger Tractor marketing manager Case IH North America.

“With the Rowtrac system you can have 16, 18 and 24-inch tracks now that will fit in with 20, 22, 30 and 40-inch row crop applications,” he says.

The new Rowtrac models — 350, 400 and 450 — spread compaction in the field, provide greater power to pull heavy implements and flexibility in track spacing.

Those are expected to be attractive features for strip-tillers, Kaiser says.

“In the fall, you can work on 120-inch spacers or 88-inch spacers or 20-inch and be able to pull the strip-till bar,” he says. “Then in the spring you are able to plant right in that strip-till area and come back and side-dress back into the row without disturbing the soil profile.”

With four tracks on the ground, Kaiser says there is about 1% slippage and the undercarriage features a new advanced suspension system. Rubber “donuts” act like shock absorbers and keep the suspension from shifting from side to side, which helps the tractor remain accurate on the row.