Michaela Paukner

Michaela Paukner

Michaela Paukner is the associate editor of Strip-Till Farmer and Precision Farming Dealer. Her previous journalism experience includes working as a reporter for a legal magazine and as a producer for two Wisconsin TV news stations. She has also worked with clients across the globe as a freelance writer and marketing consultant, and as a brand manager for a Wisconsin-based boutique marketing agency. She's a graduate of UW-Green Bay.


Find Strip-Till, Cover Crop Harmony

Virtual National Cover Crop Summit offers free expert advice about how to incorporate cover crops, top cover crop trends, equipment considerations & more.
Virtual National Cover Crop Summit offers free expert advice about how to incorporate cover crops, top cover crop trends, equipment considerations & more.
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Strip-Till Conversation

Balancing Workload & Improving Results with Strip-Till

3 Iowa growers explain how strip-till provides better water infiltration, higher soil organic matter, better fuel efficiency and more on their operations.
Whether you’re a strip-till veteran or simply thinking about trying it out, there’s always something to learn from your fellow farmers. The Southfork Watershed Alliance, which works with farmers around the Iowa River’s South Fork in central Iowa, invited three local farmers to share their experiences with strip-till during a panel discussion.
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Does Strip-Till Make Economic Sense for Your Operation?

Simple strip-till feasibility calculator helps farmers determine strip-till’s potential to pay off for their operations.

In a world with skyrocketing fertilizer prices, strip-till is an attractive option for farmers looking to decrease their input costs. But making strip-till work requires a lot more than buying fewer inputs and dragging a new piece of equipment through the field.

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3 Tips for Testing Biologicals on Your Farm

Biofertilizer trials conducted by the Iowa Soybean Association have produced inconsistent results, meaning using biologicals successfully will likely require more time and management by the strip-tiller.
Biologicals are like the Wild West of agriculture — products with big potential but little regulation. As a result, it can be difficult to determine what’s a worthy investment.
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Innovative Strip-Tillers Push Yield Limits & Maximize Nutrient Use

Speakers at the 2022 National Strip-Tillage Conference highlighted new strategies to improve yields, manage nutrients, alleviate compaction and more.
From practical advice on alleviating compaction to conflicting views on soil health to a former NASA engineer’s new yield-boosting technology, the 2022 National Strip-Tillage Conference sent attendees home with many new ideas to try on their operations — and a lot to talk about at the coffee shop.
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Widen Your Window with Fall Strip-Till

Position yourself for a productive planting season with these 4 fall strip-till tips.

Fall strip-till can provide a wider window for planting corn in the spring and even boost yields. When done right, it creates a clean, warmer, mellower seedbed and provides an opportunity to apply nitrogen (N) — best if used with an N stabilizer — phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). 

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