It's always good to get out of the office and talk to strip-tillers and representatives of the ag equipment industry.

Earlier this week I attended the Ag Media Summit and its Info Expo Trade Show in Albuquerque, N.M., where I visited with a number of people in the strip-till industry.

This week's lead story in Strip-Till Strategies draws on several sources who address some of the issues that dry soils may create for fall strip-till. Through patience and adjustments, strip-tilling this fall in dry soils can work.

I especially liked the advice from Dennis Turnwald, product marketing manager for Kalida, Ohio-based Unverferth Mfg.

“Talk to others who’ve been practicing strip-till to find out what works and doesn’t work,” Turnwald says.

If you’ve strip-tilled in dry soils in the fall, let me know how it worked and whether you made adjustments in timing, fertilizer, placement depth, etc. Email me at, or call me at (503) 507-4423.