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USDA Forecasts US Corn, Soybean, Cotton Production Up From 2020

Corn, soybean and cotton production is up from 2020, according to the Crop Production report issued on Sept. 10 by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Corn production is up 6% from last year, forecast at 15.0 billion bushels; soybean growers are expected to increase their production 6% from 2020, forecast at 4.37 billion bushels; cotton production is up 27% from 2020 at 18.5 million 480-pound bales.

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Iowa Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator Updated

The Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator is an online tool that allows determination of nitrogen (N) application rates for corn production and is helpful in determining the effect of fertilizer and corn price on needed rates. The method for calculating suggested N rates is based on a regional (Corn Belt) approach to N rate guidelines.
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Soil Test Determines Best Strip-Till 'P' Placement

Strip-till for corn and soybean production is an alternative to no-till on many poorly drained northern Corn Belt soils because it provides a warmer, tilled seedbed while maintaining substantial amounts of erosion-minimizing plant residue between the tilled strips.
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2014 Speaker Presentations

Spring Strip-Till, Strip-Tilled Soybeans & More Strip-Till Proven Practices - Jeff Reints - NSTC 2014 Presentation - MP3 Download


Fall or spring strip-till? Coulter setup or shanks? Jeff Reints has worked with nearly every corn-production system in the past 20 years, having switched from conventional tillage to no-till in the ‘90s and then transitioning to strip-till in the last decade. View

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