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7 Steps for Post-Harvest Yield Monitor Maintenance

The end of harvest marks a good time to implement good management practices for yield monitors including taking steps to winterize components. Yield monitors continue to increase and in most cases are standard options on today's combines with the yield-mapping data being important information for precision agriculture services offered across the agriculture industry.
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Destroying Weed Seeds At Harvest

Experts with the Weed Science Society of America say one often-ignored strategy for controlling herbicide-resistant weeds is now getting a second look. Farmers are finding success by ensuring that weed seeds remaining in the field at harvest time aren’t dispersed and left to sprout in subsequent growing seasons.
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Soybean, Corn Seed Germination Before Harvest

The two primary requirements for soybean seed germination are temperatures above 50 F and seed moisture percentages greater than 50%. Air temperatures and seed moisture content during seed-filling are well above these minimums. But soybean seeds almost never germinate before maturity. Soybean, like many other grain crops, possess several mechanisms that prevent sprouting before maturity.
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