Making the most of fertilizer investments is on the top of producers’ minds as overall input costs continue to rise. The new 6200-060 N Keeper from Yetter Farm Equipment seals the slot that is opened during fertilizer application, helping ensure growing plants can take full advantage of either pre-plant or side-dress applied N.

The N Keeper is designed to attach to the Yetter 2995 or 2996 Parallel Linkage or single arm Fertilizer Coulters. “By adding the N Keeper to seal the slot cut by the coulter, growers can prevent their fertilizer from evaporating,” said Jared Head, Yetter territory manager.

The N Keeper features an adjustable down stop to set down travel of the closing wheel. The spring pressure has three settings for different conditions. The N Keeper’s closing wheel angle is also adjustable so the proper aggressiveness can be maintained in various tillage conditions. An 11" cast closing wheel with bevel is standard on the N Keeper; other closing wheel options are available.

“As farmers look to make continuous improvements in their operations and increase their bottom lines, the N Keeper is another product of choice,” said Head.