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Precision farming practices and strip-till go hand-in-hand with one another and the influence of technology tends to be fairly obvious on most farms I’ve had the chance to visit.

This was especially true of the trips I’ve made to Wallendal Supply in Grand Marsh, Wis., where Eric Wallendal and his wife, Megan, take pride in progressively testing and adopting precision technology.

The 3rd generation farmers run a diverse farming operation that includes 3,200 acres of 10 different crops, most of which are strip-tilled. Utilizing tools like unmanned aerial vehicles, soil moisture probes and variable-rate seeding helps the Wallendals keep pace with aggressive production goals.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Blu-Jet, we welcome Eric & Megan to discuss how their eye for innovation and a willingness to crunch the numbers on precision payback has increased crop production and farm management efficiencies.







The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Thurston Manufacturing.

For more than four decades, Thurston Manufacturing has been an innovator in fertilizer injection and conservation tillage equipment. Over that time, large-acre farmers have found “Blu-Jet” to be synonymous with durability, low maintenance and return on investment. A founding Title Sponsor of the National Strip-Tillage Conference, Blu-Jet’s Strip-Tracker was the first strip-till implement to combine on-board fertilizer carrying capacities with a stretched and staggered row unit. Visit or call them today at 800-658-3127.



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