Strip-Till Farmer, organizer of the largest farmer-attended strip-tillage conference in the nation, has announced the addition of two leading farm equipment dealerships to the sponsorship lineup for the 5th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Iowa City, Iowa, on July 26-27, 2018.

The 2018 conference will be held at the Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center and feature two days of strip-till education through an array of thought-provoking general sessions, strategy-packed strip-till classrooms and highly collaborative strip-till roundtable discussions.

Joining the 12 Title Sponsors of the 5th anniversary event are 8 additional Partner Sponsors, including Youngblut Ag in Dysart, Iowa, as the exclusive precision farming dealership sponsor and Titan Machinery, with 89 stores in the U.S. and 20 stores in Europe, as the exclusive farm machinery dealership sponsor. Both companies will host networking meals during the 2018 Conference as part of the new sponsorship segment specifically for equipment dealers.

Youngblut Ag’s networking lunch on Thursday, July 26 allows attendees the chance to refuel and reflect on the day’s discussion topics with their fellow attendees. The nearly hour-long break precedes Kansas State University Dr. Ray Asebedo’s session sharing measurable results and conclusions based on ongoing studies of nutrient management strategies in different tillage systems.

Titan Machinery’s early bird breakfast on Friday, July 27 gives attendees the chance to start their day off with discussion with fellow strip-tillers during a buffet-style meal preceding a presentation by experienced soil scientist Mike Petersen who will share ideas for creating a solid organic infrastructure for strip-tilled soils.

At Titan Machinery’s Investor Day on Wall Street in December, CEO David Meyer applauded the innovation of strip-tillers to be more efficient with the equipment and technology they are utilizing in the practice.

Meyer noted that banded fertilizer applications, along with repeatability of creating strips and planting into them with RTK have allowed strip-tillers to maximize production, while also creating a sustainable growing environment. The combination provides a strong opportunity to further develop relationships with current strip-tillers and those considering the practice.

“You’ve got a farming practice which is going to take high-horsepower, utilize GPS and auto-steer to stay on those rows and allow farmers to in some cases, see 40-50% savings in fertilizer costs and potentially add 20% to their yields,” Meyer says. “That’s huge to the bottom line of that grower and they need the state of the art equipment to capitalize on those opportunities."

A $25.00 Early Bird Registration discount is available through May 30, and attendees who register their farm and family members receive additional savings. For more information and to register for the conference, visit or call (262) 432-0388.

The full lineup of Title and Partner Sponsors making the learning and networking opportunities possible for strip-tillers include AgroLiquid, Copperhead Ag, Dawn Equipment Co., Environmental Tillage Systems, Ingersoll Tillage Group, Kuhn Krause, Montag Mfg., Schlagel Manufacturing, Thurston Mfg. (Blu-Jet), Topcon Agriculture, Vulcan Equipment, Yetter Mfg., Titan Machinery, Youngblut Ag, Agrium Advanced Tech, Orthman Manufacturing, AGROdeviate, Klosterman Ag, TilTek Precision and Midwest BioTech.