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Paul Hamann has learned the nuts and bolts of taking a bare toolbar and turning it into a complete, fully-functional field implement. Nearly a decade ago, he and his son, Corey, adopted a “building on a budget” mentality with equipment on their row crop and livestock operation.

They’ve been through several iterations of strip-till rigs, different sizes and row unit setups, all with an eye on achieving an economic return on their machinery investment.

For assembly of a 12-row strip-till rig, the Hamanns saved about $10,000 by buying a used toolbar and spent another $2,000 building it, not counting the cost of the row units. Total cost was less than $50,000 and their most recent 6-row project was assembled for about $25,000.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast Paul and Corey share some of the considerations and cautionary tales for building and modifying strip-till equipment.

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