The Strip-Till Innovator Awards was launched in 2019 to recognize individual growers in the U.S. and Canada who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of strip-till farming, regardless of the crop grown or brand of equipment, seed or crop protection products used. The winner of the 2020 award was Megan Wallendal and her husband, Eric, who manage at Alsum Farms, in Grand Marsh, Wis. 

Watch our 4-part 2020 Strip-Till Farmer's Strip-Till Innovator video series to hear from the Wallendals on why the phrase “change is constant” is an appropriate one to summarize their ever-evolving strip-till operation.

This video series is sponsored by Montag Mfg., manufacturer of complete fertilizer systems, dry fertilizer metering systems, liquid fertilizer systems and auto-steer carts. Learn more information about Montag Mfg. here.

Click any of the videos below to watch now, and be sure to also read our in-depth article about the Wallendals.

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Wallendal 1

Meet the 2020 Strip-Till Innovators: Megan & Eric Wallendal

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Wallendal 2

An Outcome Driven Approach for Starting Out in Strip-Till

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Wallendal 3

Leveraging Crop Diversity to Deliver Economic Benefits

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Wallendal 4

Putting Precision Practices to Work for Strip-Till Success

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