In this article, we’re going to talk about the depth adjustment linkage and the components that are involved in it. We’re examining the depth adjustment handle, the depth stop, and the gauge wheel arm.

It’s very important to check these components for wear. If you look at a gauge wheel arm and it has a big hole or missing material, and there’s a lot of wear on the depth stop or a lot of slop back and forth, all of these things can impact your actual planting depth. If you set your depth handle to 2 inches it’s possible that you could be planting at 2¾ inches and not even know it. That difference is going to vary across the planter because every row is going to wear at a different rate.

WORN GAUGE WHEEL ARM. A gauge wheel arm with missing material like this one can impact your actual planting depth.

SLOPPY MUSTACHE. This photo shows a lot of wear as well as slop back and forth on the depth adjustment linkage.

It’s important to note that your planter may not have a depth adjustment linkage that looks exactly like the one shown here, but all planters work on the same or similar concept where you have a stop and metal on metal that’s going to wear differently across the whole planter.

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