As a farmer, you know that ensuring accurate seed depth is essential for a successful harvest. One often overlooked aspect of seeders is the weight of the equipment and the management of upward and downward forces while moving throughout the field. However, once you've addressed that, the next thing to look at is the depth adjustment components and their wear parts.

The first component to examine is the depth arm, which is where you adjust the in-ground depth of your seeds.  


Check for wear on the indexes of the cover, which can impact the accuracy of the depth adjustment.


The spindle that runs inside the opening arm is another component that requires attention. Any debris or dust that gets into the spindle with the grease can cause wear and eventually lead to the spindle seizing up inside the housing, making proper adjustments impossible.

If you have a John Deere OEM depth adjust arm, look for wear inside the jaw. The constant chattering within the gauge wheel linkage assembly can cause the entire component to wear out, leading to changes in seeding depths.

 4_John_Deere_OEM_depth_adjust_arm_wear_inside_jaw.pngThe primary cause of wear inside this arm is usually inadequate downforce or insufficient ballast. You need to have sufficient downforce on the gauge wheel constantly pressing firmly against the soil surface to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.


Remember, maintaining accurate depth adjustments is crucial for the best yields. Keep your seeder in top condition by regularly checking these components and replacing them as necessary.

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