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At the turn of the century, less than 2% of California’s annual crop acreage was farmed using anything approaching reduced disturbance tillage practices. Highly-intensive, clean cultivation tillage was the dominant way to go, by far, at that time.

Today, however, the state is seeing unprecedented transformations of tillage management systems, including strip-till, for a relatively wide variety of crops throughout California’s Central Valley, especially forage crops for the expansive West Coast dairy industry.

University of California-Davis researcher Jeff Mitchell and Tipton, Calif., strip-tiller Tom Barcellos have been long-time regional advocates of broader adoption of strip-till as a way to control erosion, preserve moisture and increase soil health.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast supported by The Andersons, we share excerpts from our conversation with Jeff and Tom, talking about the current landscape of the area’s hay and forage market and how strip-till has become an essential, efficient practice in the supply chain.







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The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by The Andersons.

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