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In this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we talk with custom strip-tiller Jesse Stoller.

“Having versatility as a custom operator is a very big deal. Having the ability to [build berms in] the fall or the spring, that is huge just to spread your risk window out…” — Jesse Stoller, Custom Strip-Tiller, Kentland, Ind.

For farmers curious about the benefits of reducing their tillage practices, custom strip-till can be an efficient and affordable entry point. For farmers already building strips every year, it can be a viable business opportunity. As a custom strip-tiller, Kentland, Indiana, farmer Jesse Stoller knows all the ins and outs and has crunched the numbers for his upcoming presentation at the 2021 National Strip-Tillage Conference on August 5 and 6 in Omaha, Nebraska.

For this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we caught up with Jesse to get a few highlights from his presentation, as well as some additional insights into effective strip-till practices that he’s learned while honing his craft. Join us as Jesse discusses his approach to building berms that won’t wash away, equipment considerations that give him seasonal flexibility, why he takes slow-motion video of his strip-till rig in action and more.







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