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Riceville, Iowa, strip-tiller Eric Hawbaker didn’t grow up on a farm but a decade of working in the fertilizer industry as an agronomist, service tech and precision ag salesman left him concerned about the losses he saw occurring as a result of broadcasting nutrients.

As he explored options to improve nutrient use efficiency, he learned that subsurface banding of dry fertilizer made economic and environmental sense, so he partnered with a friend to share in the cost of a strip-till rig and launched a custom strip-till operation.

For this Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we caught up with Eric to hear about how strip-till has helped him improve soil health and achieve better emergence, even on corn-on-corn acres.

He also shares how he’s integrating cover crops into the operation, why he is a strong proponent of CSP and EQIP programs, and how he’s working with landlords to get more acres seeded to cover crops.








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