Verde Resources, Inc., a commercial producer and wholesaler of regenerative compost, announced Feb. 10 it will establish a biochar processing and packaging facility in La Belle, Mo., investing more than $5.6 million and creating 30 new jobs. 

The Seattle-based company will establish a line using Biofraction technology, capable of processing 100 tons of organic bio-waste per day into sources of renewable commodities.

Verde Resources will work with dairy farms to make biochar-infused, organic compost, a solution for reducing greenhouse gases produced by the dairy and livestock industries. 

The company’s technology converts organic waste into renewable resources in a carbon-neutral environment. The company will also create and distribute regenerative compost, an organic blend of biochar (a charcoal made from bio-waste), wood vinegar, and bio syngas. 

"Processing biochar and regenerative compost will tackle the dairy industry's waste issues while addressing the world's emissions problems," said company director Carl Craven.

Verde Resources' new site is located at a former processing and packaging facility in La Belle about 35 miles west of Quincy, Ill.. It expects to begin operations soon. Biochar is a key component of Verde Resources' organic compost and important to regenerative agriculture due to its carbon-capturing properties. The company's technology also aims to improve soil fertility while promoting higher crop yields.