Bayer is proud to announce TriVolt Herbicide has been registered by the EPA. As a new selective corn herbicide from Bayer, TriVolt brings built-in resistance management and consistently high levels of weed control for corn growers. This product is still pending certain state approvals.

TriVolt contains three different active ingredients: Thiencarbazone, Flufenacet and Isoxaflutole from Groups 2, 15 and 27 herbicides, respectively. This proprietary combination provides burndown and residual activity for up to 8 weeks through a variety of weather conditions. When tank-mixed with Atrazine, TriVolt delivers 4 different sites of action to help combat troublesome grass and broadleaf weeds, such as Waterhemp, Foxtail species, Common ragweed, Kochia and Palmer Amaranth.

“We are excited to add TriVolt corn herbicide to our broad portfolio solutions. Weeds are almost always a constant threat,” says Robert Schrick, Crop Protection Strategic Business Lead, Bayer. “TriVolt can help growers ensure they start with clean fields and stay clean by getting ahead of weeds before they can compete with their crops.”

Keeping fields weed-free is the key to a successful weed management program and maximizing yield at the end of the season, so it is critical to start clean and stay clean throughout the growing season. Recommended application timing for TriVolt is at preplant, pre-emergence/at planting with flexibility to be applied at early post-emergence.

“Maintaining clean fields has to start with weed control,” adds Schrick. “Implementing a strong, integrated weed management program with multiple sites of action can help growers mitigate challenges with resistance. We are proud to offer growers another tool in the fight against weeds with TriVolt herbicide.”

TriVolt Herbicide is still pending certain state approvals. Call to check approval status in your state.

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