Ward Laboratories Inc. announced May 10 the launch of a new Soil Health Assessment (SHA) package.

The test is designed to leverage the latest soil science to provide expanded soil health and soil vitality data.

The new SHA uses the same biological and nitrogen evaluations as other soil health analyses, but is modified to evaluate nutrients using extractants widely accepted, correlated and calibrated to crop response. These updates aim to help farmers enhance their farming operations through fertility management and nutrient use efficiency, all while improving soil health. 

“Our new soil health assessment test includes water stable aggregates,” said Dr. Ray Ward, Ward Laboratories founder and chairman. “Improved aggregate stability enhances the soil’s ability to take in water.”

The SHA package:

• Combines soil fertility, biology and aggregate stability into a single soil health test to measure and manage soil health

• Evaluates nutrient availability, microbial activity, aggregate stability and other indicators growers can use to identify soil deficiencies and imbalances

The SHA soil health test is now available for $52.00.

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