Watch the editors of Strip-Till Farmer and Orthman Mfg. during a live online product demonstration of Orthman’s new 1tRIPr II strip-till system and Tru-aPLYr dry fertilizer system.

Orthman Tillage Systems Agronomist Mick Goedeken and Regional Territory Manager Pat McNaught offer a detailed, front-to-back tour of the 1tRIPr II and Tru-aPLYr, exploring their innovative features, benefits, settings and capabilities.

Learn how these industry leading machines can benefit your strip-till operation and gain insights into:

  • How to set your strip-till toolbar for optimal performance
  • How to evaluate ground conditions when you want to strip-till
  • Unique setting changes between fall and spring applications
  • The benefits of applying fertilizer at accurate rates
  • Service and maintenance tips for both machines.

Email Michaela Paukner at Strip-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speakers

About Mick Goedeken:

Mick Goedeken, Tillage Systems Agronomist for Orthman Mfg., has over 20 years of experience as a production agronomist and has worked in soil testing, retail agriculture, seed sales support, wholesale ag supply and research. With a master’s degree in soil fertility, Mick describes himself as a soil scientist digging in the soil trying to find ROI for production agriculture.

About Pat McNaught:

Pat McNaught, Regional Territory Manager for Orthman Mfg., has spent the bulk of the last 20 years in the agricultural industry predominately focused on machine performance and optimization.  McNaught has experience working with countless producers in all crop types and conditions to assist them in setting their strip-till toolbars, planters, combines and other equipment to achieve optimum performance.