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CEAT Specialty Tires offers a full line of radial and bias farm tires. The company is committed to providing the latest Ag tire technologies, including VF/IF tires, to farms of all sizes.

Strip-Tillers Grappling with Dry Conditions in Central Illinois

Farm Journal Field Agronomist Kenn Ferrie says dry field conditions in central Illinois are creating challenges for those who want to make anhydrous ammonia applications this fall. It’s not all bad news though – Ferrie says the dry conditions are also allowing strip-tillers to build “good” strips throughout the region.

Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist

Black Eagle’s New Machine: For Strip-Tillers, By Strip-Tillers

Take a look at one of the newest strip-till units hitting the market. Drawing upon years of strip-till experience, Black Eagle Ag Solutions has developed a new machine which debuted at the 2022 Farm Progress Show. The Farm Innovations crew caught up with sales rep Ben Poggioli for a look at what differentiates it from other strip-till products on the market.

Sources: Midwest Dealers Testing New Deere Strip-Till Rig

Breaking strip-till news leads the opening segment of this week’s On The Record. Some Midwest John Deere dealers are currently testing new Deere branded strip-till rigs, according to industry sources. Shortline toolbar manufacturer Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) has reportedly designed the new unit. We should learn more later this month at Deere’s media event in Davenport, Iowa.

Strip-Till Catching on in East-Central Canada

Members of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) say strip-till’s uptake has been varied but encouraging in east-central Canada. This article from Country Guide takes a deep dive into regional trends and also features a local farmer who’s been strip-tilling for several years.

Mike Cornelissen has been has upgraded his equipment three times as manufacturers have rolled out new designs. Photo: Mike Cornelissen

UMES Conducts Non Strip-Till vs. Strip-Till Trial

Early results from a non strip-till vs. strip-till trial are revealed at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where drought and extreme heat impacted growing season. It’s too close to call at the moment, but it sounds like strip-till might have the slight upper hand early on.

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by CEAT Specialty Tires.

More from this series

CEAT Specialty Tires offers a full line of radial and bias farm tires. The company is committed to providing the latest Ag tire technologies, including VF/IF tires, to farms of all sizes.