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Let's get to our question of the week.

John Deere launched a new series of strip-till equipment available for order in February 2023. These videos from Strip-Till Farmer give a walkthrough of the equipment.

Strip-tillers, what do you think? 

A: It looks like an ETS SoilWarrior.

      - Michael Fair

A: SoilWarrior units on a John Deere toolbar, I don't think it's anything groundbreaking. John Deere is a marketing machine, so if they get some facts and figures, and can discuss the true benefits of strip-till vs. full tillage then it might really convince a lot of people. There are a lot of farmers that wear green underwear and do whatever "Mother Deere" tells them.

I think the biggest challenge as an industry is educating salespeople how to show the true benefits of strip-till. I had many conversations with managers at Ziegler, talking about having them partner with a strip-till company to train salespeople. When you have salespeople that are still in the "it doesn't work here" mindset, it's going to be a big challenge.

      - Jon Stevens, Rush City, Minn. 

A: That's sweet. Nothing runs like a Deere. If it ain't ain't mean!!!

      - Kirk Lothert

A: A lot of people have had good success with the SoilWarrior. Having a green one does't move the needle for me. Yes, the computers will work smoothly. Yes, strip-till will be considered by more people as an option. But the announcement doesn't make me want to trade machines. I'm just as happy with my one tripper today than I was yesterday. My overall reaction is a giant "meh." 

      - Mike Schardt, Carleton, Neb. 

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