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I think it's a good process to put fertilizer around with the planter, but I've always been a believer when it's time to plant corn, that's what you should be doing.”

—    Dean Fehl

In this week’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by the Pluribus Lite from Dawn Equipment, editor Frank Lessiter speaks with early strip-till adopter Dean Fehl about how he got started strip tilling, his current role as a retiree helping his sons work the family farm, and more.

Fehl’s idea of no-tilling soybeans and strip-tilling corn was passed on to his sons, Ben and Brandt Fehl, who have expanded the farm operation and continue the practice.

Listen in as Frank and Dean cover the basics of his son’s operation, conditions on the ground today, and his steps into conservation tillage practices.








Dawn Equipment Co.

The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Dawn Equipment.

Dawn Equipment, a family-owned company in Sycamore, Illinois, has a reputation for responsive customer service and American-made quality products that goes back to its origin nearly 3 decades. The company has grown to more than 40 employees and numerous products, earned awards for innovative design plus a growing number of patents, but it has not lost its commitment to U.S. made products. And customers and dealers can still call to speak directly with sales and engineering staff. Dawn has redefined several market segments like strip-till and active hydraulic control of planter and attachments. Dawn was the first company to make a remotely controllable planting product. Dawn continues its commitment to innovation, to customer service, and to active response to the changing needs of America’s farmers. Visit them at

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