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Strip-Tiller Featured in Target’s Black History Month Program

Willie Scott, a 3rd generation cotton, peanut and corn farmer took over the family operation in 2013. His grandfather started implementing conservation strategies in the 1940s. Scott keeps the soil health tradition going with a strip-till system and cover crops. In honor of Black History Month, Target is spotlighting its partnership with Black farmers like Willie Scott who employ sustainable growing practices.

Farmer Compares Strip-Till Corn vs. No-Till Corn

Fast forward to the 6-minute mark of this video from The Once a Day Farmer on Youtube, for a comparison between his strip-till corn and no-till corn. It’s a small sample size, but the New Zealand farmer notices some distinct differences between the two crops.

Planter Maintenance Key to Alabama Strip-Tiller’s Record-Breaking Success

Chad Henderson owns the Alabama irrigated corn yield record of 355.7 bushels per acre. He also owns the state record for strip-till, non-irrigated corn (276 bushels per acre). Henderson shares some of his record-breaking secrets, including equipment adjustments that could help maximize yield.

The art of planting DTN machine

Using Drones to Spray Fungicide and Seed Cover Crops

Volitant Technologies co-owner Kevin Knorr believes that within 5 years most growers will be using drones because of their versatility. John Dieball is already using them on his farm in Henderson, Minn. He applied fungicide and seeded cover crops with a drone in 2022. Hear more from Knorr and Dieball in this feature story from AgWeek.

Leaftech Debuts New Handheld Tissue Analysis Tool

New product alert! Farm Innovations caught up with Leaftech Ag’s founder and CEO, John Mascoe, for an exclusive look at the company’s new handheld tissue sensor. The product allows farmers and agronomists to scan leaves in the field for nutrient content and measure for 12 micro and macro nutrients in just a few minutes.

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by Copperhead Ag Products.

Made by farmers, for farmers.

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