Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web:

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3 Keys for Successful Sidedress Applications

Watch this video as Minnesota extension educator Brad Carlson discusses split-applying nitrogen (N) and shares tips for successful sidedress applications. “If you apply a higher percentage of your N as a sidedress, you need to take steps to ensure even application to avoid crop deficiencies in small pockets throughout the field,” Carlson says.

The Most Iconic Farming Quotes of All Time

Check out 10 of the greatest farming quotes of all time courtesy Amanda Zaluckyj from the Farmer’s Daughter USA. The list is stacked with timeless takes from some of the most legendary human beings. Take a guess at who said this one — “I would rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”


Pros & Cons of 7 Tillage Systems

Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie breaks down the pros and cons of the most common systems: no-till, strip-till, conventional horizontal tillage, one-pass and plant using horizontal tillage, conventional vertical tillage, vertical tillage and no-till with cover crops. Strip-till facilitates timely planting and promotes faster emergence but comes with a higher cost for weed control and creates a rougher seedbed, according to Ferrie.

Multiple farming system showcase

David Brandt: The Man, the Meme, the Legend

In this video, longtime cover cropper David Brandt reflects on the moment he found out that his picture was being shared all over the world as an iconic farming meme. Brandt says the he didn’t even know what a meme was until he realized he had become one.

Planter Maintenance Tips for Spring

Our friends at No-Till Farmer hosted this planter maintenance webinar last week. Precision Planting product specialist Clay Scott leads an interactive crash course on making sure your planter is ready to maximize yield potential in 2023.

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by Copperhead Ag Products.

Made by farmers, for farmers.

More from this series