Helena Agri-Enterprises introduced two new brands at the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando, Fla. The enzyme-based soybean seed treatment Enertia improves soil quality on the farm, while the water use efficiency tool Resgenix manages resource consumption.

“Helena has been researching and developing biological products for decades,” says Mike Powell, Sr. Brand Manager of Crop Production and BioScience products for Helena. “It’s given our customers ways to make important changes on their farms such as the reduction of nitrogen rates and implementation of plant-based inputs. Now, with protected enzyme technology, we’re targeting the needs of our soil to take a natural approach to raising productivity.”

Enzymes are a key indicator of soil health. Applied as a seed treatment, they increase microbial activity in the germination zone. Enertia stabilizes its enzymes with VersaShield Formulation Technology for longer-lasting activity in the soil and more compatibility with other soybean seed treatments. The company says by improving nutrient availability in the soil as roots develop, Enertia produced a 14% increase in root weight by mass, a 3% increase in plant population and a 2.4 bushel per acre yield advantage over the standard fungicide and insecticide seed treatment alone in trials across Midwest and southern geographies.

Despite advancements in technology, quality crop production would not be possible without adequate water availability. Worsening drought conditions and growing populations are increasing demand for fresh water, leading to more restrictions and higher costs for agricultural producers.

“Water impacts everything we do on the farm,” says Austin Anderson, brand manager of adjuvants and water management products for Helena. “If we don’t utilize the water we have effectively, we could lose productivity in the field, and the efficacy of our spray applications could suffer.”

Resgenix improves water use efficiency with greater ease than ever before thanks to a revitalized polyacrylamide formulation. Its convenient liquid formulation is compatible with most crop management products and requires no special equipment for application. Applied through irrigation water or conventional spray applications, Resgenix can improve aggregation in all soil types, which strengthens water holding capacity and helps mitigate erosion, run-off and soil moisture evaporation loss. Even with a 20% reduction in irrigation water in field trials, adding Resgenix maintained soil moisture content and exceeded yield compared to water alone, according to the company.

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