When it comes to achieving the perfect seed slot and furrow creation, the opening disc plays a crucial role. But there are several aspects to consider when examining this essential part. As experts in the field, we recommend focusing on the shield and bearing of the opening disc. Dirt and debris entering the bearing can cause the disc to seize, which can lead to costly downtime during planting season. Additionally, we advise paying attention to the diameter and sharp edge of the opening disc. A dull edge can lead to residue hair-pinning in the seed slot, reducing seed-to-soil contact and exposing seeds to moisture and disease.

At Precision Planting, we prioritize proper maintenance and replacement of the opening disc. Our experts recommend replacing the disc opener when it gets down to 17 inches or less to ensure a sharp cutting edge. Once the tapered machined edge disappears, the cutting edge becomes blunt and rounded, making it challenging to cut through tough residue or hard soils. The disc opener is one of the cheapest parts on the drill to replace, yet it’s a very important part of the seeder.

Partnering with a Precision Planting Premier Dealer can ensure optimal performance of your equipment and help you achieve a great stand this spring. Our dealers can provide insights into maintenance and replacement of essential parts like the opening disc, helping you avoid costly downtime and yield loss. Find your local Precision Planting Premier Dealer at planterexpert.com.

To watch videos of all recommended annual maintenance checks, visit PrecisionPlanting.com/seedermaintenance.

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