On this episode of Conservation Ag Update, brought to you by CultivAce, Wisconsin no-tiller Tony Peirick checks in with an update on his crop as harvest season continues across the Corn Belt. Peirick explains why he’s expecting a “better than average” harvest even after an extremely dry summer.

Plus, we pay a visit to Mike Peterson for the Farmer Feature segment. The Minnesota no-tiller and strip-tiller shows off his unique equipment setup, which includes mounted nitrogen tanks on his tractor.

Also in the episode, assistant editor Mackane Vogel shares results from a new research study on the effects of cover crops on yield and weed control, Verdant Robotics showcases its new smart sprayer box, and more!

This episode of Conservation Ag Update is brought to you by CultivAce.

CultivAce is a West Coast manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive line of foliar and starter fertilizers. CultivAce offers innovative solutions that drive agricultural crop yields and cultivate profitable outcomes.

With a relentless focus on delivering the highest quality foliar and starter fertilizers, we are committed to empowering growers with the tools they need to achieve remarkable results. CultivAce is built on two fundamental principles: products must be the highest quality, and they must make the grower money. If a product doesn’t meet these standards, CultivAce doesn’t manufacture it.

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