On this episode of Conservation Ag Update, brought to you by CultivAce, we break down harvest results from a couple studies in the Corn Belt — no-till vs. conventional tillage soybeans in Indiana, and a nutrient stratification study in Illinois.

Plus, in the Cover Crop Connection segment, assistant editor Mackane Vogel shares a new piece of equipment that’s piquing the interest of cover croppers.

Later in the episode, Lowell, Ind., native Dan Sutton talks about some key changes he made to his Kinze planter that took his 1,300-acre operation to the next level. Raven gives us an up-close look at its new cart automation technology in the Ahead of the Curve segment, and a Pioneer agronomist shares photos and results from the “coolest fungicide trial ever.”

This episode of Conservation Ag Update is brought to you by CultivAce.

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With a relentless focus on delivering the highest quality foliar and starter fertilizers, we are committed to empowering growers with the tools they need to achieve remarkable results. CultivAce is built on two fundamental principles: products must be the highest quality, and they must make the grower money. If a product doesn’t meet these standards, CultivAce doesn’t manufacture it.

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