On this episode of Conservation Ag Update, brought to you by Montag Manufacturing, we go inside the 32nd annual National No-Tillage Conference, and catch up with the Beery family who traveled all the way from central Virginia to learn new no-till and cover crop tips. We also share one of the top moments from Dr. Fred Below’s kickoff presentation on the 7 Wonders of the Corn Yield World. Plus, associate editor Mackane Vogel catches up with soil health specialist Amanda Kautz for a demonstration on the impact on water infiltration from cover crops.  

Later in the episode, Casey Seymour, Moving Iron owner, shares his thoughts on the latest technology trends and what they mean for your equipment moving forward, Precision Planting reveals the CornerStone Planting System and soil health expert Jim Hoorman explains how you can tell if your crop is lacking certain key nutrients.

This episode of Conservation Ag Update is brought to you by Montag Mfg.  

Montag Manufacturing has rolled out two new industry-first products.  Cover Crop Plus is the first metering system dedicated to cover crop seeds, able to accurately meter even the smallest seeds like cover cress. It can be mounted to tillage implements, combines and self-propelled high clearance machines.  

The second new product is the mammoth sized model 2224 with 13 or 16 tons capacity for producers running with larger strip-till implements. For more information, visit the Montag website or your Montag dealer.


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