Join the editors of Strip-Till Farmer for a product demonstration brought to you by Agrisolutions. Steve Kertesz, North American Product Manager for Ingersoll Tillage Group, reviews products from the Ingersoll and Bellota brands that are applicable to strip-till. He examines how these products can make a difference when incorporated with strip-till and why they’re becoming the top choice of major OEMs.

This digital demo covers:
  • New tools and attachments to enhance the performance of your strip-till equipment
  • How to leverage Ingersoll and Bellota products to increase strip-till efficiency & profitability

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About the Speaker

Steve Kertesz

Steve Kertesz
North American Product Manager — Planting & Tillage, Ingersoll Tillage Group

Steve has over 20 years of experience in the agriculture industry, working closely with OEM engineers and sales personnel to identify product improvement and innovation opportunities related to tillage, planting and seeding. Also involved in product testing, Steve collaborates with engineers and growers to set test methodology criteria and evaluate outcomes for development of new products. Steve also has experience serving for 5 years on the Association of Equipment Manufacturers small enterprise committee, 8 years on the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Associate Board of Governors supplier section, and as a past guest speaker for events such as the Brock Associates seminar series and K-State University Garden City Crop Extension.