Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web:

Anhydrous & Strip-Till vs. Zone Builder in Dry Soils

Is it better to use anhydrous and strip-till or a zone builder in dry conditions? Veteran Ken Ferrie tackles that question in the latest Boots in the Field Report. “You may be choosing between the lesser of two evils,” Ferrie says. “Based on my past experiences, I would recommend staying away from building zones with the knife in the spring.”

Strip-Till Out Yields Other Tillage Systems in National Corn Contest

Check out this blog from our sister publication No-Till Farmer, as editor Frank Lessiter deep dives into 2023 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) contest data. Frankly speaking (pun intended), the numbers show no reason to believe there’s a yield drag with strip-tilled corn, Lessiter says.


$22 Per Acre is Median Rate for Custom Strip-Till in 2024

Kent Thiesse breaks down the 2024 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey in this Ag Week article. The survey summary lists the average and median custom rate, as well as a range, for various tillage, planting, fertilizer, grain harvesting and forage harvesting functions on the farm. According to the survey, $22 per acre is the median rate for custom strip-till. The lowest rate is $15 per acre, and the highest is $27.50. There’s an added $4.50 per acre for anhydrous applications.

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Strip-Tiller Still Going Strong on 60th Crop

West central Illinois strip-tiller John Werries is ready to roll this spring! The longtime strip-tiller posted this photo on X in honor of his 60th crop.

10 Reasons Farm Kids Make Great Workers

Here’s a fun one from John Graham on LinkedIn. He shares the top 10 reasons why farm kids make great workers!

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