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From Field to Yield: Accepting the Challenge of Change to Strip-Till

Like many long-time no-tillers, David Hula was hesitant to try strip-till. But at the 2021 National No-Tillage Conference, the high-yield winner shares his secrets to why he changed his mind and how it helped him achieve a record-breaking harvest.
Shattering yield barriers is part of David Hula’s DNA. The Charles City, Va., farmer is known for his record-breaking corn yields, but the results are not based on repetition.
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corn yields
5th Annual Strip-Till Operational Practices Benchmark Study

Corn Yields, Average Strip-Tilled Acres Continue to Climb

Farmers strip-tilled 70% of total acreage, while corn yields eclipsed 200-bushels per-acre, soybeans stayed consistent.
While strip-till tends to be practiced in pockets of North America, there is a sense that interest and adoption is on the rise. Talking with strip-till researchers and academics during the last year, the consensus is that strip-till is on the upswing.
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Strip-Till, Fertility Tweaks Boost Soils, Increase Corn Yields

Moving to deep placement of nutrients and incorporating organic fertilizers helped Nebraska strip-tiller Ron Kadavy improve corn yields by 20 bushels an acre.
Farming in Weston, Neb., in the eastern part of the state, Ron Kadavy is accustomed to dealing with high winds, low humidity and inconsistent rainfall on his 2,000-acre corn and soybean operation.
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Nitrogen Fertilizer

Weighing The Value Of Fall Vs. Spring Applications

As corn harvest is concluding, many farmers are turning their thoughts to preparing for next year's crop. One thought is on how to best apply nitrogen (N) fertilizers to maximize N use efficiency and corn yields. Nitrogen fertilizers can be applied at many times throughout the year including: fall, spring, preplant, at planting, sidedress, or through fertigation.
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Where Was The Epicenter Of The 2012 Drought?

Whether you lose the heart of your watermelon or the heart of your line-up on your ball team, your overall production will suffer, and that is what has happened to U.S. corn production as all of the major corn growing states suffered a reduction from their expected trend yield.
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