The Fertility Recommendation Spreadsheet has been updated to provide more functionality in developing fertility recommendations based on the tri-state fertilizer recommendation. Feedback from the release last fall was used in updating this version.

New functions include:

·  Phosphorus soil test results from either either Bray P1 or Mehlich III can be entered directly without conversion.

·  Phosphorus and Potassium soil test reported in units of pounds per acre or part per million can be used.

·  A lime recommendation sheet provides lime need adjusted based on ENP of liming source and calculates cost for product and application.

·  A fertilizer recommendation sheet calculates dry fertilizer need and cost on the per acre and total field basis.

·  Crops included include corn, soybeans, wheat (grain only), wheat (grain and straw), corn silage and alfalfa.

The spreadsheet can be found at or directly downloaded from