The pressure is always on to plant effectively and efficiently. Because Yetter Farm Equipment knows the importance of hitting what are often narrow planting windows, the company is offering a new timesaving tool. The 6200 Interchanger is a replacement piece for each closing wheel nut on the tail wheel assembly. Its design secures wheels in place yet requires only an electric impact wrench or ratchet to loosen wheels when it’s time to make a change due to field conditions.

“Our block-threaded holder replaces the existing nut so you don’t need a second wrench when taking wheels on and off,” said Yetter Product Specialist Don Bunnell. “With a traditional assembly, it’s not zip, zip and done. Changing a wheel is a pretty time-consuming task. The Interchanger gives you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in spring planting conditions.”

The Interchanger is designed for use with traditional rubber press wheels and cast-spike closing wheels. It is compatible with wheel assemblies that bolt through the bearing and are less than 15 inches in diameter. 

Derek Allensworth with Yetter Manufacturing introduces the new 6200 Interchanger. The Interchanger allows the operator to quickly make a closing wheel change based on the conditions. Yetter is also working on closing wheel quick-attach brackets to store another closing wheel option on the planter.

Yetter is also introducing an efficient Closing Wheel Mount Holder. 

“Farmers often have to store their second set of wheels in a truck bed and make the drive to the shop to change to different wheels,” said Bunnell. “The Closing Wheel Mount Holder mounts on each row unit, allowing for quick changes when conditions dictate.” 

The 6200 Interchanger offers kits for John Deere, Kinze and White planters. The Interchanger and Closing Wheel Mount Holder are currently sold separately.