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Fulfilling a Soil Health Promise with Strategic Strip-Till, Cover Cropping

Iowa’s Jack Boyer uses cover crops to build soil for his Century Farm’s seed corn and soybean production, and reaps the benefits of additional nitrogen they add to his fields.
Maintaining an Iowa Century Farm while fulfilling the family goal of leaving the land in better condition than it was received, has led Jack Boyer a long way from the conventional farming his wife’s grandfather used when he settled the farm.
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Stretching Strip-Till Value with Crop Diversity, Cover Crop Height

A quarter-century of strip-till for Georgia grower Barry Martin complements shoulder-high cereal rye cover crops in peanuts and cotton to reduce erosion, boost organic matter and simplify planting.
Barry Martin was completely convinced of the benefits of a heavy cereal rye cover crop on his cotton and peanut farm near Hawkinsville in central Georgia long before cover crops were the rage.
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Strip-Till Cracks Yield Cap in Staunch No-Till Country

Western Kentucky growers find strip-till adds bushels in the bin and dollars to the bottom line where no-till had reached a corn-yield plateau.
No-till farming became a way of life early in the rolling hills of western Kentucky. Growers there, eager to protect their fragile soils, began to adopt the practice pioneered by local farmer Harry Young, who planted his first no-till crop in 1962.
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Pros & Cons of Coulters, Shanks & Knives

A longtime crop consultant and OEM equipment marketer-turned-manufacturer lays out the basics of strip-till ground-engaging tool designs and how to choose the best for your needs.

Bill Preller says hard economics as well as other factors are quickly moving strip-till from fad to mainstream with U.S. farmers.

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Adding Up Strip-Till Benefits Equals Measurable Yield Gains, Nutrient Efficiency

After 20 years of strip-till, Nebraska’s Scott Bussell has proven effective in saving soil, moisture, time and labor, while enabling more efficient use of applied nutrients.
Scott Bussell says there’s a big difference in maximum production and optimum production when it comes to his farm’s bottom line, and he credits 20 years of strip-till management for helping him take advantage of that difference.
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Strip-Till Viable on Both Ends of Cross-Country Farm Move

Texas corn producers move their farm 1,300 miles east and pick up where they left off when their High Plains strip-till operation was displaced by a growing dairy. The sand’s the same in South Carolina.
It’s rare when a farm gets bought out that the owner moves half way across the country just to start again. That’s what brothers Brandon and Colt Woody did, after some serious, careful planning.
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Dealer Facilitates Rise of Strip-Till in Western Kentucky

H&R Agri-Power’s Jeff Morgan rented strip-till equipment, lent a strip-till rig and fertilizer cart to a local crop consultant and collaborated with input dealers to help customers adopt strip-till.
In the staunch no-till country of western Kentucky, a group of dealers and their customers are working together to crack yield caps through the adoption of strip-till.
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Clearing Out the Equipment Shed with a Switch to Strip-Till

Illinois grower Craig Taylor uses strip-till, custom services and cover crops to achieve competitive yields using less labor and machinery, while also catching more rainfall and building soil organic matter.
When Craig Taylor decided to reduce machinery costs on his 725-acre corn and soybean farm in west central Illinois, he was convinced to move to no-till farming. But he also experimented with his crop service provider’s strip-till bar and liked the results.
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Boost Yields by Feeding the Plant, Not the Soil and Choosing Hybrids Conducive to Banding

Indiana strip-tiller takes a systematic approach to boosting corn yields with hybrid selection favoring banded fertilizer, increased plant populations and concentrated efforts to maintain plant health.

Over the past 5 years, Chris Perkins has been challenging conventional wisdom in corn production with a systems-approach banding program that has bumped yields on his southwestern Indiana farm by an additional 50-60 bushels per acre.

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Sealed and Delivered Nitrogen

Illinois corn grower and fertilizer application equipment maker sees significant yield increases in Mid-South cotton and corn production behind his precision-placement slot-sealing applicator.

Several years back John Miller had an epiphany while staring at a farm magazine cover photo. The picture featured a Mid-South farmer’s home-brew fertilizer applicator designed to place liquid nutrients in the valleys next to raised beds — a common practice in the Mississippi Delta.

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