In May, I had the opportunity to tour Kinze Manufacturing in Williamsburg, Iowa. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, as I wasn't sure if I'd be lucky enough to go on the tour during the 2022 National Strip-Tillage Conference. 

My camera was rolling as I learned about the history of the company in the Kinze Manufacturing Innovation Center and hopped into a golf cart to tour the factory. The Innovation Center is really well designed, and it would be a great visit for a family. I can imagine how excited kids would be to see the big, shiny equipment and explore the to-scale replica of Jon Kinzenbaw's first farm shop! There's also a short movie about Kinze's history that has a memorable surprise a few minutes in. 

What really amazed me about the factory is how much hands-on work goes into every piece of equipment that comes out of the doors. While there are some robot welders, much of the welding requires a human. It also takes several people to paint and assemble each grain cart or planter, plus the team that inspects each piece to ensure it's up to Kinze's quality standards before it goes out the door. If you or your family like "How It's Made," this is a tour for you. 

Below is just some of what I saw during my Kinze tour. Thanks to Steve and Carolyn at Kinze for the tour and to all of the workers at the Kinze plant who let me watch and record them at work.

If you're interested seeing the inner workings of Kinze in person, you’re invited to join Strip-Till Farmer and a select group of strip-tillers on a tour of the Innovation Center and factory July 26, 2022, ahead of the National Strip-Tillage Conference. Thanks to Zimmerman Manufacturing for sponsoring this behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest, privately held ag equipment manufacturers in North America. Click here for details.