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Soil Phosphorus Availability and Lime: More Than Just pH?

If soils are too acidic, phosphorus reacts with iron and aluminum, making it unavailable to plants. But if soils are too alkaline, phosphorus reacts with calcium and also becomes inaccessible. However, liming can influence other ways by which phosphorus might become available to plants.
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Insights into Grain Phosphorus and Potassium Numbers

Corn and soybean take up relatively large amounts of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), and much of this P and K ends up in the grain that is taken off the field during harvest. In order to keep soil nutrient levels from dropping over time, the amounts removed need to be replaced by applying fertilizer or manure. In order to know how much nutrient a crop removes, we need to know how much there is in a bushel of harvested grain.
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Assess Corn Rootworm Protection

A journal article published recently (July 2014) confirms that rotation-resistant and rotation-susceptible western corn rootworms are affected by Bt root tissue in a similar fashion.
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