Ian Gronau

Ian Gronau

Ian Gronau is a Contributing Editor for Lessiter Publications, with primary support responsibilities for Precision Farming Dealer, Strip-Till Strategies and the Strip-Till Farmer Website. He is a graduate of Chicago’s Columbia College and has been preparing content for magazines, websites and newspapers since 2009, and has been recognized with several awards.


Playing the Percentages with Precision Investments in Strip-Till

Cutting fuel usage by 40%, saving $5,000 in seed costs while only tilling 30% of his fields provide tangible return on investment with technology for Mark Richards.
Dresden, Ontario strip-tiller, Mark Richards, considers himself a “bleeding-edge” farmer in terms of adopting new strategies and precision equipment. His adoption and adaptation of technology has made his 3,000-acre corn, soybean, sugarbeet, wheat and tomato operation significantly more efficient, productive and profitable.
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Strip-Cropping Experiments Yielding Economic, Environmental Advantages

Since adopting the modified strip-till system in 2008, Dean Sponheim has seen a 12-15% increase in corn yield and an $80-$100 per acre increase in net income.
Nora Springs, Iowa farmer Dean Sponheim calls himself an “accidental conservationist,” because he stumbled into strip-tillage by necessity and economics, rather than for reasons of environmental friendliness.
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Upgrading Precision Hardware, Software and ‘Brainware’ Offers Precision Peace of Mind

To tap into the mechanical and analytical potential on his 1,300 acre operation, Cade Bushnell requires savvy, reliable and progressive dealer support.
As Stillman Valley, Ill. farmer, Cade Bushnell, rolls out newer technology on his 1,300 acre farm, he’s had a lot of luck with mechanical alterations. But he’s still striving to tap the potential that precision data can provide and one of his biggest frustrations is adequately analyzing data pulled from equipment to make informed adjustments to his operation.
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Strip-Till Catching on for Silage Corn in California

Through a new strip-till test drive program, California dairy farmers are seeing a huge time, fuel and labor savings with strip-tillage on their silage corn.
Riverdale, Calif., dairy farmer, Stephan Brown was a bit hesitant to try strip-till at first. He’d initially come across the practice at a University of California extension field day he attended over a decade ago and wasn’t impressed.
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