Building Healthier Soil and Profits

Strip-Till Farmer's Building Healthier Soil and Profits series is brought to you by Environmental Tillage Systems.

At Environmental Tillage Systems, we believe farmers shouldn’t have to choose between doing what’s right for your soil and what’s right for your business. The SoilWarrior is a complete precision zone tillage system custom built for your farm and delivered to you ready to get in the field. Backed by 24-hour service and support, The SoilWarrior takes the guess work out of strip-till so you can concentrate on defending the land and leading the charge. See for more information.


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Fall Tillage Incomplete? Try Spring Zone Tillage!

Many farmers across North America experienced less than desirable harvest conditions during 2018. Late harvest and excess moisture and/or early freezing conditions made fall fertilization and tillage impossible for many. If you were faced with challenging fall field conditions that prevented tillage and fertilizer placement, spring zone tillage may be your answer.
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Sponsored Content: Building Healthier Soil and Profits with Strip-Till

Banding vs. Zone Fertility Placement

Broadcasting fertilizer requires mechanical incorporation across the entire field otherwise there can be nitrogen (N) losses to volatility from urea-based fertilizer sources or losses to wind or water. While this method creates a nutrient-rich zone a few inches below the soil surface, application can be non-uniform, and the loss of crop residue increases the soil erosion and concentration risk.
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