Restoring Soil Health in Troubled Fields [Webinar]

So what do you do when you have a field that underperforms and its soil is in dire need of being rejuvenated? While no-till might be a good start, reduced tillage is only part of the plan for restoring the productivity of farmland. Doug Miller, an agronomist and vice president of Midwest Bio-Tech in Erie, Ill., will share findings from a 3-year soil health project he spearheaded that offers solid guidelines for turning a heavily compacted field void of soil biological activity into a highly functioning piece of land.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The general principles for improving soil biological activity through reduced tillage, cover crops, manures, rotation and more.
  • Observed changes in soil compaction, organic matter and fertility through the 3-year efforts of a heavily degraded northwestern Illinois field.
  • Ways to increase soil biological activity and the resulting benefits.

Doug Miller will provide you a look into a real-life, soil-reclamation example that will help you understand how improved soil biological activity impacts the productivity of farmland.

For more information, call Doug Miller of Midwest Bio-Tech at (309) 659-7773 or email

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