No-tillers can’t afford to waste money on applied fertilizer. Neither can the agriculture industry continue to watch these resources negatively impact watersheds without expecting possible severe regulations. Nobody knows that any better than no-tiller Mike Starkey of Brownsburg, Ind., whose farm lies right at the base of the Eagle Creek Watershed that supplies the city of Indianapolis its drinking water.

In this live webinar that took place Tuesday, November 26, Mike Starkey reviewed what he’s learned from onfarm trials and the changes he’s made to his fertility-management practices throughout the years. This No-Till Farmer webinar is being made possible with support from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers.

Here are some of the things that Starkey addressed in this exclusive webinar:

  • Recent onfarm strip trial results that compare the performance of different types of applied fertilizer, including 10-34-0, 28%, liquid fertilizers and/or thiosulfate.

  • Changes that Starkey has made to his applied fertilizer program in the past decade, including a thorough look at timing of application, placement and rates.

  • The impact of cover-cropping systems on his applied nitrogen rates.