In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from other farmers in the month of April 2015:

1. Strip-Till Boosts Corn Yields, Stymies Slugs at the Same Time

2. Fighting Residue Buildup on High-Yield, Strip-Tilled Continuous Corn

3. Bust that Myth: Strip-Till Practices

4. From the Desk of Jack Zemlicka: Seeding Cover Crops with Your Strip-Till Rig?

5. Considering In-Furrow Starter for Corn in 2015

6. 'Feed The Crop' Strategy Makes For Strip-Till Payoff

7. Iowa Secretary Recommends Resources for Strip-Till

8. Crop Diversity Requires Tailored Strip-Till Techniques

9. 2014 Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study: Precision Technology, Targeted Fertility Are Cornerstones To Strip-Till Success (Benchmark Study requires site registration, click here to get access)

10. It's Not Too Early To Scout For Palmer Amaranth

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