For progressive farmers considering a switch to strip-tillage or upgrading current strip-till equipment for improved fertilizer efficiency, the SoilWarrior should be on the short list. Why? It’s a complete system that’s built for precise fertilizer delivery and offers the flexibility of creating strips with rolling coulters, a deep cog or a shank.

While its benefits and potential return on investment vary by farm, one thing is almost always certain when purchasing a SoilWarrior: You’ll be selling equipment that’s no longer necessary.

According to Danny Beach, regional sales manager for Environmental Tillage Systems who has more than 15 years of experience in ag equipment sales, the SoilWarrior is a Swiss army knife. It can replace rock pickers, field cultivators and deep rippers. In his area near Rochester, N.Y., it’s also displacing shank-style machines that just seem to pull up rocks.


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While late-model, low-hour and well-maintained equipment typically sell the best in all scenarios, Beach offers five tips to support a strong sale.

  1. Price It Right. Sellers should do their homework to determine the best list price. Beach recommends checking out MachineFinder or TractorHouse as well as looking into auction results. Used equipment managers at dealerships can also come out to the farm to estimate the value based on recent sales and what’s available on the market.

    “Use a couple different resources to determine the right price for your equipment,” says Beach. “Ultimately, its value really depends on how well it was maintained. If you have a reputation for taking good care of things, that goes a long way.”
  2. Timing Is Everything. Selling is all about supply and demand, and there are certain times each year when demand for used tillage equipment is high. 

    “Typically February through March and late summer are the best times to sell used tillage equipment,” says Beach. “It’s about what the market will bear. So if you can, try to wait to sell until the demand is there.” 
  3. Sell It Yourself. Since auction houses and dealerships typically take a percentage of the sale price for consignment, Beach says you’re better off selling it to a neighbor or through your network. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask a used equipment manager at a dealership to help you spread the word. He has connected customers in the past when he knows one is seeking what the other is selling. 

    Social media is also a great way to connect with equipment seekers online. 

    “Marketing used equipment through Facebook groups and on Twitter feeds happens more and more now. It’s like putting a virtual ‘For Sale’ sign up along a busy route,” Beach says. 
  4. Take The Right Pictures. Providing potential buyers with pictures of a clean and field-ready machine is a must, but doing the extra work to show the details can help yours stand out. What are some shots to consider?

    “Provide an image of the serial number and use a tape measure to show how much wear is left on a particular disc or part. Farmers want to know what they’re going to get,” Beach says. 
  5. Be Honest. Representing a worn piece of equipment as field ready is the worst move a seller can make. Danny recommends divulging all the details on hidden welds or worn parts up front. Showing service records or talking through what’s been replaced is also a good idea if you’ve kept up on maintenance. 

    “Every piece of equipment has a story. Be honest about yours. It’s the best way to negotiate a top dollar sale,” Beach says.

In the market to purchase a used SoilWarrior? Take a look at our online gallery to see what’s available on the lot.



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At Environmental Tillage Systems, we believe farmers shouldn’t have to choose between doing what’s right for your soil and what’s right for your business. The SoilWarrior is a complete precision zone tillage system custom built for your farm and delivered to you ready to get in the field. Backed by 24-hour service and support, The SoilWarrior takes the guess work out of strip-till so you can concentrate on defending the land and leading the charge. See for more information.